Episode 4 – Bob Doyle and Limiting Self-Talk

Today Bob will speak to us about mindset and our internal beliefs that ultimately hold us back. We don’t realize how much we attract or bring into our lives because of our limiting thoughts. He provides examples here, and at the end l share some other examples for you to take action in getting your mind thinking in the right direction.

Bob Doyle is featured in the movie The Secret. He is considered one of the top Law of Attraction experts. As well, he is recently featured in the film How Thoughts Become Things, with our previous guests from episodes 2 and 3 Doug Vermeeren and Meagan Fettes. He is a media consultant and has been for over 30 years doing live streams and podcast consulting and training, voiceovers, and he is the host of the Bob Doyle Show. He’s a music composer, writer, producer and much more. 


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S2E9: What Is An Entrepreneur? The Secret to Success… Isn't So Secret!

Entrepreneur is a buzz word heard all over today, but what does it really mean? In this clip, Naveen Jain along with his family Anu, Ankur, Priyanka & Neil bring us their idea of the definition entrepreneur.   You can read the article "Raising Entrepreneurs" and how Naveen and Anu brought up their children with these important skills that all youth should learn.   Learn More About Our Youth Entrepreneur Mastermind Series Coming in September 2022! Learn first-hand from some of the best entrepreneurs in the world!  Follow me on Instagram for more great content!   — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-secret-to-success/support
  1. S2E9: What Is An Entrepreneur?
  2. S2E8: Ori Spado… The Accidental Gangster
  3. S2E7: Eric Zhu… The 14 Year Old Changing the Funding of the Start-Up World
  4. S2E6: SEAN KANAN – How to Overcome Obstacles and Unleash Your Inner Cobra
  5. S2E5: Parental Support From Naveen Jain

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