Episode 8 – Shruthi Aravindan interviews the great Naveen Jain!


Naveen is a man whose obsession is to solve the world’s biggest problems. Wonderful Shruthi Aravindan, a future gut biologist, of Austin, Texas has the opportunity to get the wisdom of Mr. Jain first-hand in this interview. Here is his take on creating your own opportunities, not allowing fear to stop you, the secrets of being a great entrepreneur and NEVER STOP DREAMING!

For those interested in Gut Biology and Naveen’s company, VIOME, it will premiere Friday, March 5. More information to come on where to listen.

#kids #teens #parents #successful #teencoaching #createthelifeyoulove #education #kindnessisfree #perseverance #nevergiveup #nevergiveuponyourdreams

For more about gut health, visit: https://www.viome.com/


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