Episode 26 – Teen Zackary Ford: Everyone Has a Voice


On today’s episode you will meet young, Zackary Ford. At 14, he is already an inspiration for young people who are looking to get their voice out there and be heard. He started his own podcast called “Create Don’t Hesitate” that you can find on all podcast channels. Zackary will speak about his life, the challenges he is facing and his mission to inspire others to believe in themselves.

Checkout his YouTube Channel and Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChhv5f4-MwKbXH0Gk9rWceQ

If you would like more information about #TeenUp, teen mentoring programs, visit: https://maggiovirtualacademy.com/teenup/

How can I help you get in the right mindset? If you are feeling burnout in your life right, lack of desire to move forward or just uncertainty about what to do next, visit:  https://beatingburnout.club/

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