Episode 38: The Inspiration of Maria Trusa


Maria Trusa is a Dominican-American woman who has overcome and won many battles in her life. She grew up in extreme poverty and was sexually abused as a child. She is now CEO of the Formé Medical Clinic in White Plains, NY, a clinic to help the underserved population, especially the Latino population. Her book, Yo Digo No Más/I Say No More, is her autobiography that describes the road she travelled to reach the success she has today. She has created a movement to help stop sexual abuse and give the victims a voice and a chance to be heard. She shares her wisdom and inspiration today with our young mentoring group #TeenUp.

For more information about Maria and to get involved with her movement to help stop Sexual Abuse, visit: http://www.yodigonomas.com

If you would like more information about #TeenUp, visit: https://maggiovirtualacademy.com/teenup/

For more information about how you can help sponsor educational programs for underserved populations and Maggio Multicultural Foundation, visit: http://www.maggiomulticulturalfoundation.org — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-secret-to-success/support


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