Episode 55 – From Foster Care to Billion Dollar Rolodex – The Story of Ungenita Prevost


Ungenita Prevost – Product of the projects, aged out of the foster care system at 18, determined not to be another statistic, her dreams guided her and now she is another success story for all young people to understand they can do it too! How did she do it? Have a listen! You don’t want to miss this episode.

To learn more about Ungenita, visit: https://femmeglobal500.com/

To watch the full interview, click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2cHBNfv23c&t=990s

If you would like more information about teen mentoring and #TeenUp, visit: https://maggiovirtualacademy.com/teenup/

For more information about how you can help sponsor educational programs for underserved populations and Maggio Multicultural Foundation, visit: www.maggiomulticulturalfoundation.org — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-secret-to-success/support


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