Episode 67: Dr. Paul LeBlanc, Advising Youth On Higher Education


Dr. Paul LeBlanc is the President of Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). Since 2003, SNHU has grown from 2,800 students to over 150,000 learners and is the largest nonprofit provider of online higher education in the country. Forbes Magazine has listed him as one of its 15 “Classroom Revolutionaries” and one of the “most influential people in higher education.” Washington Monthly named him one of America’s ten most innovative university presidents. 

Today he speaks at the United By Education Virtual Summit addressing youth on the transformation of higher education and what young people should look at when selecting a post-secondary school to attend. There is a greater emphasis now more than ever on performance and project-based learning. As well companies are changing and looking for different skills that only come with hands-on learning. 

It is an episode with great advice for adolescents about to graduate high school and young adults who are still unsure of what they want to do. Hopefully Dr. LeBlanc will shed some light on this for them. 

To learn more about SNHU and their programs, visit: https://www.snhu.edu/

If you would like information about our teen mentoring program #TeenUp, visit: https://maggiovirtualacademy.com/teenup/

For more information about how you can help sponsor educational programs for underserved populations and the Maggio Multicultural Foundation, visit: www.maggiomulticulturalfoundation.org — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-secret-to-success/support


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