Episode 71: Jona and Rion – Breaking the Mold


Jona Lemmonds is the Founder/CEO of Launch Your Wealth that is a business consultancy, podcast and educational resource. Amidst the pandemic Covid19, she recently launched and is the founding partner of Ashtree Wealth Group, a real estate investment & financial services company. She is leading their client and partnership experiences, as well as their business growth to become a bridge for wealth creation globally. Her advocacy is in recognizing there is a wealth gap and making wealth creation more accessible using financial literacy and Youth Empowerment is one way to serve. Jona and the new venture is investing in the future of diversity growth, education and entrepreneurship.

Rion is a young entrepreneur and growing into leadership development as a core member of Launch Your Wealth. He is advocating for Financial & Investing Literacy, especially for the youth. Rion is representing the future of its leadership & business partnerships by building a team of young leaders and partners with the company. His personal mission is to help educate & inspire the Youth, and the Next GEN so they can break out of the mold, through financial freedom & entrepreneurship.

Click here to listen to Jona and Rion’s Launch Your Wealth Podcast

To learn more about educational programs, online learning and mentoring for teens, visit Maggio Multicultural Virtual Academy — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-secret-to-success/support


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