Episode 5 – Dr. Marina Bruni – Global Brain Activation Strategist


Today Global Brain Activation Strategist, Dr. Marina Bruni, shares what you need to do, how you need to change your way of thinking and how to hone in on your intuition or your “gut” feeling. It is important for you to understand what it is that’s happening within you and around you, what your inner voice is telling you, and more importantly how to recognize that inner voice so that you listen to it and follow it in order to transform what is happening in your life now, so that you find what brings you joy and shift your inner beliefs to get to that place of happiness.

You can find her free morning blueprint here: http://www.marinabruni.com

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Episode 4 – Bob Doyle and Limiting Self-Talk

Today Bob will speak to us about mindset and our internal beliefs that ultimately hold us back. We don’t realize how much we attract or bring into our lives because of our limiting thoughts. He provides examples here, and at the end l share some other examples for you to take action in getting your mind thinking in the right direction.

Bob Doyle is featured in the movie The Secret. He is considered one of the top Law of Attraction experts. As well, he is recently featured in the film How Thoughts Become Things, with our previous guests from episodes 2 and 3 Doug Vermeeren and Meagan Fettes. He is a media consultant and has been for over 30 years doing live streams and podcast consulting and training, voiceovers, and he is the host of the Bob Doyle Show. He’s a music composer, writer, producer and much more. 


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S2E14: Jack Canfield Turns the Table and Interviews Me The Secret to Success… Isn't So Secret!

In this video, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the great Jack Canfield… author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, the Success Principles, and his mission is to inspire and empower people to live their highest vision in a context of love and joy. Today Mr. Canfield asks me about the drive behind my story, my mission to change the lives of youth around the world, and what inspired me to write my book "Follows and Likes Is This All That I'm Worth?" Get the book "Follows and Likes Is This All That I'm Worth" on Amazon or Barnes and Noble  Learn more about our online school Maggio Multicultural Virtual Academy Learn more about the Maggio Multicultural Foundation To learn more about Jack Canfield, visit: https://jackcanfield.com/ — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/the-secret-to-success/support
  1. S2E14: Jack Canfield Turns the Table and Interviews Me
  2. S2E13: Evan Carmichael: Building Momentum in Education
  3. S2E12: Potential
  4. S2E11: GREATER Discipline Creates BETTER Children
  5. S2E10: Why Consistency Is Important For Achieving Success

Episode 3 – Meagan Fettes


Meagan Fettes is a high-level business development coach and speaker. She works with heart centered business owners to get clear on their business, reverse engineer the business model into intentional action steps they can take to build their business by design for success, while stepping into alignment with the universal laws and the greater self.

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Episode 2 – Douglas Vermeeren on How Thoughts Become Things


In Episode 2, we hear from Douglas Vermeeren, producer of the film, How Thoughts Become Things: The Sequel to the Secret

Over the last two decades, Douglas Vermeeren has conducted extensive firsthand research into the lives of the world’s top achievers. He has the success strategies of top business leaders from Nike, Reebok, Fruit of the Loom, FedEx, KFC, United Airlines, Microsoft, Disney, and others to share with you.

He has been called the world most effective wealth coach and the worlds #1 Passive income coach. He doesn’t teach or focus on theory – he gets results.

Today he is the featured expert on FOX, CNN, FOX Business, ABC, NBC and others. Appearing on both television, radio and print to regularly share the powerful wealth strategies the most wealthy use. He has been featured in the New York times, Money magazine, Inc, Fortune, Forbes and the Huffington post.


Episode 1 – What is success?


In this episode we look into how you define success, and I explain my definition of success. Your take away today will be to write down your definition of success and create a clear goal that will start you on your way to creating your success and bringing you more happiness in your life.